Mix N Match Bake Shop opened as a home bakery and was founded by a Mother and Daughter duo. Both having a love of home baked goods, they saw a need for a great product that you could pronounce all the ingredients on the label. No more words on the ingredient list that look like gibberish. Mix N Match Bake Shop offers good old fashion home baking with a gourmet flare!  We operate as a Michigan Cottage Food and practice food safety based on the Michigan State Food Safety Training Course.

Mama (She keeps us on the ground when we need it most, but she is filled with love.)

At a very young age Christine (Mama) would sit and watch her Mother bake homemade cakes and decorate them in grand fashion. She is the second oldest of four children and growing up she was a down to Earth tomboy. Christine could climb trees with the best of them and then run home and help her Mother where needed. Born and raised in Jackson, Michigan, she wanted to offer the community a variety of home baked goods, just like her Mother use to make. By starting Mix N Match Bake Shop with her Daughter, Christine feels a connection to her Mother who passed on in the fall of 2008.

Daughter (A dreamer who brings to life the beauty she dreams of. Big goof ball at heart.)

Having moved across the country to Seattle, WA, Sarah (Daughter) often thought of home back in Jackson and the memories she had of her family gatherings. Sarah loved to watch her Great Grandmother make home made Blackberry Jelly and to go with her Mama (Christine) to pick Blackberries. While in Washington State, Sarah began baking from scratch to feel closer to home and developed a love for home baking. She and her husband moved back to Jackson, Michigan in the summer of 2013. Born and raised in Jackson, Sarah wanted to start Mix N Match Bake Shop with her Mama in the home town that means so much to both of them.

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